Sex, Politics and Religion

Oh how times have changed. Or have they? In just the blink of an eye, urban farming has swept across the nation. In a reverse of trend- setting methodology, it emerged most visibly in the mid-west and percolated coastward. From the curious nano- sized windowsill farm, to classic raised- beds galore, to the cultured, commercial-scale roof- top enterprises, clearly homegrown food is on our mind and plate. It does not discriminate nor isolate and clearly is transcending all socio-economic conditions (dare I say class).  While it is a relatively small percentage of Americans who are engaging in this practice, it is still numbering in the millions. These people, myself included, have a vast array of motivations to grow food. No matter the impetus, the positive impact of the effort is shared commonly, even if the actual food is not.
If I grow food exclusively for my family, how can you be a beneficiary? That is the fundamental question for the basis of this blog! In due time, we will dissect the subject in ways quite unfathomable, uncensored and unbiased. No subject is taboo at this table including sex, politics and religion- so long as it relates to food. But then, of course, that’s essentially redundant because everything in fact does. At the macro level alone, if you consider any of the worlds’ problems, may it be climate change, peak oil, chronic diseases or economic contraction, the single common thread that can help mitigate all of these threats simultaneously is FOOD: what we eat, how we access that food and how it is produced.
Urban farmers, homesteaders, and even rural folks taking charge of their own food, whether by luxury or necessity, consciously or not, have made a declaration. It’s as American as our constitution, as visceral as our liberty, and essential as our physical, spiritual and fiscal survival.  Some call it “voting with your fork.” Henry David Thoreau called it “cast[ing] your whole vote, not a strip of paper merely, but your whole influence.” And that’s the history we are witnessing- people reclaiming their most basic right… “the pursuit of happiness.”Welcome home!

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