Aquaponics 101


Why Aquaponics?

Aquaponics is the most exciting next step in Agriculture. It holds the promise of a localized food system, a new economy and the smallest environmental impact.

Of all of the food production methods, Aquaponics has the highest yields and uses the least amount of water with no waste. It is the most feasible method of urban food production and can exceeds organic standards.

While there are many approaches to Aquaponics that have varying benefits depending on the application (i.e. home scale vs. commercial scale), a viable path exists for all applications when designed and implemented well.

Why Urban Farming?

Food is the common thread that can help mitigate many of the world’s problems including climate change, peak oil, and chronic disease. On the path towards building resilient communities, nothing is more important than establishing sustainable food production facilities that are easily accessible.

How can I learn more?

We offer Aquaponics Classes for home scale Aquaponics to commercial enterprises. Sign up to receive our Aquaponics Class schedule in California and beyond.