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As heard on NPR's Morning Edition.  Fish farming raises a lot of environmental concerns, even as it meets more of the world's appetite for seafood. Most of the farmed fish Americans eat comes from overseas, where there are few controls to mitigate issues including habitat destruction and water pollution. Now, fish farming is growing off […] Read More
We Import Over 90 Percent of Our Seafood. It’s Hurting the Environment—and the Economy. BY PAULA DANIELS|AUGUST 7, 2014 The United States is one of the world’s three largest consumers of seafood products, yet we import over 90 percent of our fish and shellfish, and have been experiencing an estimated $10 billion trade deficit in […] Read More
Origoanlly posted here:  Troy Platt, Staff Writer  Andrew Rosenstein, founder of EVO Farm, spoke on Wednesday at the College of Environmental Design. He was the first of seven speakers in the Fall Lecture Series hosted by the college. He presented a slide show while speaking on the topics of urban farming and aquaponics. Rosenstein began […] Read More
BY Erik Oberholtzer: Co-Founder Tender Greens Orgianlly posted here I was first introduced to the concept of hydroponics while visiting Epcot Center in Orlando, Fla. in 1984 while on vacation with my family. It was a concept in a futuristic setting. Years later I was again introduced to a new concept in farming by Paul Reebs, […] Read More
By Jessica Vernabe / March 9, 2012 5:56 am Originally posted on The world’s population is growing rapidly, and that calls for new ways of thinking about how to produce enough food while also conserving the earth’s natural resources. As a result, agricultural entrepreneurs today are striving to combine the best of traditional farming methods with new […] Read More
BY FELICIA FRIESEMA edibleWESTSIDE   WINTER 2012 Originally found in print and posted here:  The best advice I received from David Rosenstein when I visited him at EVO Farm, his experimental aquaponics farm tucked away in a residential backyard in Mar Vista, was to close my eyes and listen. When you do, you forget that that the […] Read More
This article originally appeared in the Sacramento Bee here:       By Anne Gonzales Bee Correspondent Published: Sunday, Jul. 22, 2012 – 12:00 am | Page 1D Last Modified: Sunday, Jul. 22, 2012 – 9:56 am       Eyes wide with wonder, Amy Hopperstad was already figuring out a design to combine her twin interests. "I'm a […] Read More
Many growers proudly advertise their local origins, but when David Rosenstein of Evo Farm sells his produce on Sunday for the first time at the Mar Vista farmers market, he says he will be talking “not about food miles, but food feet.” Read More
By David Rosenstein / April 26, 2012 11:39 pm From The following is the first post in a series by David Rosenstein that will explore the benefits of aquaponics. Rosenstein is the founder of Mar Vista, CA-based EVO Farm, which operates the only commercial aquaponics farm in Los Angeles. He is also the chair of the Aquaponics Association – Western Region. […] Read More
VANGUARD Seeing Green: Urban Agriculture as Green Infrastructure by Urban Omnibus ecology, environment,infrastructure, interview, LEED,science, sustainability, urban agriculture, water, waterways February 1st, 2012 Originally posted here It’s easy to list the reasons why we are supposed to love urban agriculture: the food it yields is fresh and local; the farming it requires is fun and social; the effect on neighborhoods is revitalizing and […] Read More