By Matt Wilhalme / January 11, 2012 6:13 pm Originally posted on On the Westside of Los Angeles, in the Mar Vista district, urban farming organization, EVO Farm, is utilizing aquaponics to create a replicable and sustainable farming model that will facilitate the creation of a network of local urban farms that grow and distribute produce that exceeds organic […] Read More
Clearly, the battle of 2012 will be fought on three distinct fronts: jobs, jobs and of course jobs.With such slick and diametrically opposed proposals being flung far and wide on how to render the economic crises, it is no wonder that none seem to stick. From an outsiders perspective, it is almost as if the […] Read More
Oh how times have changed. Or have they? In just the blink of an eye, urban farming has swept across the nation. In a reverse of trend- setting methodology, it emerged most visibly in the mid-west and percolated coastward. From the curious nano- sized windowsill farm, to classic raised- beds galore, to the cultured, commercial-scale […] Read More