Delicious + Organic + Easy

This Family Sized Vertical Farm Kit

  • Grows over 400 plants per year *
  • A Salad per family per day all year long
  • Most water efficient farming system
  • Most sustainable farming method
  • Healthiest food right from home
*when optimized and depending on variety
Yes, it’s true. The Dream Garden™ is an exciting new farming system that puts the power of food in your own backyard…or patio or wherever you have just enough space and desire for fresh, local, organic produce.
We are developing a complete product line for a vast array of sizes and applications. You will have the option to purchase a completed kit (shipped anywhere) or if you are handy, you may prefer the Builders Guide so you can make it yourself to save some money. Either way, the Grow Towers are available for individual purchase.
Stay tuned. Coming soon! In the meantime please take a moment to let us know you are interested in staying informed.

Not ready for aquaponics yet?

No to worry, the system is completely compatible to hydroponic solutions. We do prefer aquaponics, and offer classes to guide you as well. But most important to us, is to see you taking the first step of growing your own food.

More about Aquaponics: Click Here Aquaponics class info: Click Here