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This is a collaborative educational initiative in partnership with our friends at Quail Springs Permaculture.

We are excited to be offering this in-depth course on aquaponics, the synthesis of hydroponics and aquaculture.  The course promises to empower students to build their own aquaponic systems at their homes and in their communities, and is appropriate for anyone interested in aquaponics.

We’re inspired about our process of adding aquaponics to our diverse strategy for food production and foodshed resiliency here at Quail Springs.  We continue to be committed to regenerative soil practices, and traditional sustainable farming methods, as we bring in new technologies like aquaponics that contribute to our ability to reliably produce food in our challenging high desert growing conditions.

Time will be split between the classroom and the greenhouse.

In the classroom we will delve into answering, “Why aquaponics?”  We will gain insight into the science and technical aspects of aquaponics, and see aquaponic production through a Permaculture lens: design, biomimicry, patterns, integration.

We will then move on to hands-on time in the greenhouse with specific aquaponic techniques including IBC tote tanks and media beds, deep water culture and nutrient film technique. Students will learn which techniques are right for their situation and see methods of integrating other systems such as mushrooms, worms, insectaries, and compost-tea brewing.



The class will take place at Quail Springs Permaculture: Located in the Los Padres National Forest


Registration Info

Cost includes instruction, catered meals, and camping accommodations.

Cost: $450 ($100 non-refundable, non-transferable deposit to reserve your space, full balance due by October 1, 2014)

Early Bird Discount: $400 for payment in full by September 15, 2014

Couples/Friends registering together – $50 off of your total

Contact: Andrew Clinard at or call 805.886.7239

* Financial aid in the form of payment plans and limited partial scholarships available, based on need. To inquire, please pre-register for the workshop/course at the link above, or contact Andrew.



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