Meet the Farmers

David Rosenstein | Founder

David, a third- generation Angelino, began construction of the EVO Farm prototype just days before his first child was born as an act of optimism. Prior to launching into urban farming, David produced a number of socially conscious documentary films mostly for PBS. After years of research and travel he began to understand the critical nature of rethinking what we eat, how we produce it and how we access that food.

The pursuit of the urban farming life is a natural progression for him- from producing ‘food for thought’ to producing thoughtful food. David is Chair of the Aquaponics Association- Western Region. He also Chairs the committee on Urban Agriculture for the Los Angeles Food Policy Council.

Cecile Lopes | Co-Founder

Cecile began to study aquaponics in her first term of pregnancy. With an MBA in corporate finance, she has managed multi-billion dollar budgets as well as launched and sold a successful restaurant chain, which now has 6 locations in Los Angeles. She comes from a family of farmers who are currently operating one of the most successful suburban farms in her native country of France where local residents buy direct from the farm at a true farmers market.

Yuni Lee | Farmer

Yuni comes from a lineage of traditional farmers in Korea. Her earliest memories are the joy of playing in the fields and being involved in the process from soil to table. Today she brings her wealth of wisdom to EVO Farm with a particular interest in the nursery stage.

Duncan Peabody | Farmer

Duncan migrated to EVO Farm through a strong interest in water science with experience in grey water systems, rainwater catchment and horticulture.  Most recently he spent 2- years with the Peace Corps in the Dominican Republic where he worked on rural water projects. Duncan has a MS in Environmental Engineering with  a particular interest in local, sustainable food systems and water conservation.